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Volunteer Opportunities in Honor of Memorial Day

Volunteer Opportunities in Honor of Memorial Day

Giving your time to others is a relatively thankless endeavor, but there’s good reason to do it. There are many volunteer opportunities worth exploring in the area, and we’re spotlighting three of them in the space below.

The Bridge Academy

The Bridge AcademyThe Bridge Academy seeks to equip youth and families with the tools needed for academic achievement, life skills, and growth. Bridge Academy is able to draw in more children and families each year, with fall and spring programs, along with summer programs designed to keep kids’ minds healthy and engaged even when school lets out.

The academy has immediate needs for volunteer tutors and assistants throughout the week. If you’re interested in learning more about these volunteer opportunities, it’s well worth your time to get in touch with the staff. Small group and individual tutoring can go a long way for students, especially in preparing them for their futures.

Coatesville Youth Initiative

Volunteers are a key part of the success of the Coatesville Youth Initiative. The organization seeks to make the community better, by engaging youth in experiences that support their success in school and life, too.

The team is made up of experienced and dedicated facilitators of youth development, along with prevention and family engagement programs. If you’re looking for an opportunity to assist children and their families, the CYI is in search of volunteers to help with childcare.

Current needs are for individuals to take care of a small group of children every other Tuesday during the mid-day hours. If you have an interest in childcare and have this availability, get in touch with CYI.

Veterans Multi-Service Center

Veterans Multi-Service CenterThis nationally recognized non-profit has provided comprehensive service to veterans for almost four decades. Veterans Multi-Service Center exists to serve those who have served this country, providing services, programs, opportunity, and advancement to U.S. military veterans and their families.

Key services offered by VMC include employment and training assistance, housing assistance, and the VMC thrift store. Volunteers can participate at one of five locations, with two in Philadelphia, one in South Jersey, one in State College, and another in Coatesville. Contact VMC for more information about volunteer opportunities in the thrift store, Women Veterans Center, or other locations.

Volunteer Your Time and Make a Difference

There’s no question that a little of your time can go a long way for any of these organizations this summer, and throughout the year, too. Volunteer your time today!