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Get Your Fix at Fitchett Chiropractic Center

Fitchett Chiropractic Center

You will meet people who swear by their chiropractors, and they have good reason to do so. The practice of chiropractic dates back thousands of years and continues to restore good health to patients who experience chronic pain or new maladies that leave them without relief. At Fitchett Chiropractic Center, they believe that starting therapy before pain disrupts everyday life keeps you healthier in the long run. Prevention is key to wellness!

Meet the Team that Has Your Back

Fitchett Chiropractic Center HistoryIn 1988, shortly after graduating from chiropractic school, Dr. Michael Fitchett started his practice in Kennett Square. Many Chester County residents attribute their good health to him! As the Clinic Director at this location, he shows the importance of maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle by eating nutritious food and training in and teaching martial arts.

Following in her father’s footsteps, his daughter, Dr. Jenna Fitchett Ennis, graduated from chiropractic school in 2006. Twenty years after her dad opened his first office, they opened their second in West Grove with Dr. Jenna at the helm. Her love for her work matches her enjoyment of the outdoors and physical activity.

Both practices round out their staffs with three other skilled and enthusiastic physicians, Dr. Casey Mae Fouse, Dr. Priya Amin, and Dr. Britt Anderson. They all embody characteristics that demonstrate their beliefs in health, wellness, and serving the community.

Building Doctor-Patient Relationships

Fitchett Chiropractic Center TreatmentsBuilding back your good health means building a beneficial doctor-patient relationship. Dr. Mike and his team aim to make you comfortable from the start by building from each prior visit toward getting you to feel fabulous again!

At Fitchett Chiropractic Center, they don’t just dive in and start adjusting your body without warning. They explain every step in detail from the beginning. They use a range of techniques, including Dynamic Traction Therapy, which works wonders for patients who want a gentle alternative to disc herniation surgery.

Once you get going, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner!

Hear What Patients Say

Talk to Dr. Mike and Dr. Jenna’s patients, and you will hear nothing but good news from patients who feel 100 percent better and are pleased by the professionalism and friendliness of the staff. No medicine, just techniques that really work.

Fitchett Chiropractic offers flexible hours, and if you have to back out of an appointment, they will accommodate your schedule. New patients pay $20 for the first appointment, which includes a full examination, X-ray review, and written report of your condition. First appointment fees go directly to local charities, like Cara’s Heart of Hope, Camp Dreamcaster, and many more.  How’s that for giving back to the community?

Fitchett Chiropractic Center Gives You Your Fix

Back trouble, strained knee, or frozen shoulder? Give Fitchett Chiropractic Center a try. Visit their Twitter or Facebook channels for more information!