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Local Spotlight: JDG Basketball

Hey, all you hoopers and ballers out there! For years, Jonathan Guarente has been an in-demand basketball savant for those in the tri-state area, helping to improve the skills of players across the region.

If you have something you want to work on, it’s time to get in touch with JDG Basketball. Coach Guarente seeks to engage, educate, and elevate, so your skills training translates to the court in a major way. Continue reading to learn all about JDG Basketball, its program offerings, and how you can benefit.

A Basketball Training Service for All Ages and Skill Levels

At JDG Basketball, the staff works to provide skills training for young athletes looking to become the best at their craft. Prioritizing ideas and organizing a step-by-step process are the first parts of the journey. JDG Basketball will help find the best training option for you, while developing your performance in the process. Identifying your current weaknesses and isolating the skills to improve your technique will, in turn, produce a positive result.

Through personal training, you’ll discover the most effective ways to develop skills on the court and knowledge of the game. These one-on-one training sessions are customized specifically to you as an athlete, with a focus on creating muscle memory.

Small group training is available, too, where you’ll learn the best ways to improve spacing and movement, while participating in instructional and competitive drill work.

Take Your Best Shot

Truly, it’s time to take your best shot in shooting school. Find out the best ways to accelerate your proficiency and knowledge, and understand every aspect of positioning and stature as you prepare to take your shot. Skills are broken down and built back up through careful, personalized instruction.

Techniques should be purposefully practiced outside of training time to create muscle memory. With a focus on shooting mechanics, group sessions concentrate on improving the nuts-and-bolts maneuvers to properly get the ball to the rim. Film study and fundamental drill work help to improve shooting form over a six-week period, with your drills filmed and video feedback provided.

Only necessary corrections will be made to ensure all players are ready to put one up from mid-range or downtown.

Live Events Held Throughout the Year

JDG Basketball holds live events throughout the year. Players of all skill levels are welcome, whether you’re just starting your journey on the court, or you’re a high school or college athlete looking to tweak a few things to take your game to new heights.

Training sessions and clinics are meant to challenge athletes both physically and mentally. Workouts are flexible but typically focus on ball screen work, one-on-one moves, shooting, and how to read—and beat—defenders to the basket.

During clinic sessions, players will compete in structured three-on-three games to implement drill work and get those important reps in.

Improve Your On-Court Skills and Change Your Game for the Better

With the help of JDG Basketball, you can transform your skills on the court and become a better basketball player. Get in touch with the team at JDG for more information about training, skills camps, upcoming events, and more.