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Spill the Secret of Mr. E’s Tavern & Fine Food

Spill the Secret of Mr. E’s Tavern & Fine Food

You know that place you always go to meet up with family or friends to enjoy a plate of comfort food, cold drinks, and good conversation? It’s right in front of you at Mr. E’s Tavern & Fine Food.

If you haven’t heard about this hidden gem before—a longtime favorite pub and restaurant—we’re letting you in on the secret now.

For over 30 years, owners Walt and Beth Perdue have managed this family-owned restaurant and tavern. Originally established in the 1950s as a community tavern, it morphed into a bar and restaurant and was voted Chester County’s Best Kept Secret.

Highlighted Dishes

Highlighted DishesWe’re busting to tell you about the American fare that Mr. E’s serves, so here it goes. You can order wings, burgers, and sandwiches or a full-course dinner of favorites like slow-roasted, decadent Prime Rib or lump Crab Cakes—the latter heavy with chunks of sweet meat.

Thirteen wing coatings make your tastebuds pucker with expectation. Hot wings slathered in Triple XXX or other spicy concoctions call out to fans seeking a sweet burn. Their classic Tavern Cheeseburger includes freshly sliced tomato and crisp lettuce, so you can savor the toothsome burger all by itself. If you’re craving more of a topping-laden feast, try the Bourbon Onion or Hickory Burger.

Psst… Make sure you place an order of fries on the side, like the Ultimate Crab Fries. Diners in on the secret relish in these fries dusted with Old Bay seasoning, crowded with crab imperial, melted cheese, and topped with lobster cream sauce. Those who like their fries pure and simple will clamor for the French fry platter or the Tavern Fries—fried wedges of baked potato.

Pair a Cocktail with Your Meal

Pair a Cocktail with Your Meal

Pair a cocktail with your appetizer, sandwich, or entrée. How about the Cantaloupe Martini? Try the astounding blend of orange vodka and watermelon pucker with a thick cantaloupe wedge.

Alternatively, surprise yourself with the Grapefruit Margarita, a bright grapefruit and lime masterpiece. If you like a berry beverage, try the Blueberry Mojito—it’s teeming with mashed blueberries, rum, lime, and mint.

Mr. E’s Weekly Specials

Mr. E’s Weekly Specials

Every week, you can take advantage of Mr. E’s weekly specials, which focus on food and fun. Wednesday Wing Night gives you the chance to test out each flavor at very affordable prices.

Stop by on Thursday when Seafood Night is underway with an ocean of tasty treats, such as clams, mussels, shrimp, and special crab dishes. On football Sunday, order up game day food and drink specials during the game.

Learn the Secret of Mr. E’s Tavern & Fine Food

Once you learn about Mr. E’s Tavern & Fine Food, you won’t want to keep it a secret. Before you invite your friends out, visit their Facebook page for a list of their latest events.