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When considering your next ride in Coatesville, Downingtown, and Gap, you’re going to have to figure out which car you want to drive. After that’s been settled, it’s time to discuss financing. Whatever your current Lancaster, Reading, and Newark financial situation may be, we want to make things as easy as possible.

We do understand that unique situations can happen. Regardless of past experiences, we want to help you get behind the wheel of a car you’ll love driving for the foreseeable future.

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Kia of Coatesville Financing

When you’re going through the process of choosing that next car, you know that financing is the final step before taking the car home. Yes, some drivers will choose to pay for a car in cash, but an overwhelming number of drivers, around 95 percent, opt to finance a car.

At Jim Sipala’s Kia of Coatesville, we strive to streamline the new or pre-owned car-shopping experience. Our team of expert financial professionals will carefully explain the financing process in a transparent manner, so you know what to expect when it comes to the first payment and the last. We’ll go over the different options that you have in front of you, thanks to our relationships with various banks and lenders from throughout the area.

Whether you are choosing to buy the vehicle or lease it, our finance team will lay the groundwork so you’re able to pick the option that best fits into your lifestyle.

Leasing vs Buying a Car

The two major options when it comes to financing are buying and leasing. You’ll need to decide which one is the right fit for you. Leasing is better for those who want to drive the car for a short period of time, without the responsibilities of ownership. You don’t have to put down a large down payment on the car, and monthly payments cover the vehicle’s depreciation.

If you want to own the car, then a loan is the way to go. Financing through a loan helps you pay off the overall vehicle value in monthly installments. This makes things more manageable than paying off the vehicle in full. When buying a car, you don’t have mileage limitations you’d have with a lease, and the car is yours for as long as you wish.

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Start the Kia of Coatesville financing process today. We look forward to working with drivers from Coatesville, Downingtown, and Gap as you search for that next ride.

Our goal is to ensure you’re able to drive happy in Lancaster, Reading, and Newark, and with convenient financing assistance from our team, we’ll deliver the best possible dealership experience.