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Kia Service Research

Kia Service ResearchWhen you visit the Kia of Coatesville service center, rest easy knowing your vehicle is in the hands of experienced technicians serving Coatesville, Downingtown, and Gap. We’ve put together some of our service research as time has gone on, and now we’re compiling it all right here on this page for you.

Lancaster, Reading, and Newark motorists should know everything there is to know about maintenance and repair. After you check out our helpful service information, you will.

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Kia of Coatesville Oil Change

Kia Service ResearchAn oil change is a simple maintenance item, but it’s something that needs to be done from time to time to ensure you’re getting the most out of your engine. Manufacturers may say different things about oil changes, but generally speaking, it’s something that should be done every 5,000 to 7,500 miles.

If your car uses synthetic oil, you may be able to last longer between oil changes. Our service team will be sure to let you know how often your car’s oil should be changed.

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Brake Repair

Kia Service ResearchWe all rely on our brakes each time we step inside our cars. Are yours working as they should? If you’ve noticed a bit of sponginess and lack of responsiveness from the brakes when pressing down on them, it could be time for brake repair.

Brake pad replacement could be required, too. The brake pads are actually designed to make a screeching noise when they’re wearing down, so if you’ve noticed this while braking, it’s time for a brake inspection.

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The Right Tires for Your Car

Kia Service ResearchIt’s important to have the right tires on your Kia. They need to be taken care of, too. There are things you can do at home, and monitoring tire pressure is one of them. Our service technicians can take care of any tire rotation or tire balancing.

We also offer tire repair services. There are times when that nail, animal, or other road debris is simply unavoidable. Bring your car to our service center, and we’ll do our best to provide efficient tire repair. Of course, if the tire can’t be saved, we do have a large inventory of new tires from top brands.

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No matter where you’re visiting us from, we look forward to seeing you here, so your car gets the attention it deserves.

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