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Oil is the lifeblood of your car, making it the most important part of your maintenance schedule. It’s generally good practice to get your oil and oil filters changed every six months, but your needs may be more frequent if you’re putting a lot of miles on your Kia. If you’re having trouble figuring out the right frequency of your oil changes, Kia of Coatesville’s service team is more than happy to help put you on the schedule best suited for your vehicle and driving habits.

Read on to learn the importance of getting an oil change, how often you should change your oil, and where to take your vehicle to get serviced.

Oil Change Intervals Synthetic vs. Conventional Oil

The Dangers of Low Oil

Your engine uses pistons to function, and they move fast. They’re kept in place by cylinder walls and slide through easily when there’s enough oil. If your oil is low, however, the pistons will have a harder time moving through the cylinders. Friction will get exponentially worse and your engine will become very hot, which can result in the pistons welding themselves to the cylinder walls.

Any kind of direct engine repair needed after that kind of damage will be costly. If the damage is severe enough, the repairs will cost you a lot of time and money, with the worst case scenario being that you may have to replace your entire engine.

The Dangers of Contaminated Oil

Even with enough oil, you’re at risk of additional danger without clean filters. While clean oil acts as a lubrication, contaminated oil becomes abrasive and only increases the wear and tear of your engine, potentially taking years off its life.

Oil will break down over time, so even good filters can’t protect you entirely from old oil. The additives inside don’t last forever, and when the rust fighting materials and frictions reducers wear out, your oil won’t perform the way it needs to.

What To Do

Preventative maintenance is essential to keeping your car running at peak efficiency. Change your oil about every six months and check your car for oil leaks. A sluggish engine is a major sign of oil problems, too, even if there are no obvious signs otherwise.

Fortunately for drivers in the Coatesville, Downingtown or Lancaster areas, Kia of Coatesville offers Kia Express Service — a faster and more convenient way to get the vehicle maintenance and repairs your vehicle needs. You don’t even need an appointment. When you get an Express Service Oil and Filter Change, we’ll even include a Multi-Point Inspection. Make sure your Kia has the right oil to prevent engine damage. Visit Kia of Coatesville today!

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