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When you have your car serviced at our dealership, you can trust that every single replacement on your vehicle is done with genuine OEM Kia parts that are of the highest quality. These parts are built to last, and they’ll ensure that your car performs smoothly and continues to serve you for years to come on your many drives through Coatesville, Downingtown, Gap, Lancaster, Reading, and Newark. Whether your vehicle comes into our service center for a repair or replacement, or even if you plan to make a quick fix of your own, you can count on the quality of OEM parts.

That’s right, if you have the knowhow to perform your own small DIY repair, we here at Kia of Coatesville will help you ensure that it’s done properly. If you need a part for your DIY repair, you can order parts directly from our dealership. We’ll provide you with the parts you need, and you can rest assured that they’re the real deal—genuine OEM Kia parts.

Find Your OEM Kia Parts

The quality of parts can make or break any vehicle. If you want your Kia to produce a dependable and long-lasting performance, genuine OEM parts are a must.

Genuine OEM Kia parts are of the same components that were installed in the factory when the vehicle was first built. They’re designed to fit perfectly into your car, and are made with high-quality materials to ensure longevity. Plus, thanks to those premium materials, OEM parts are durable enough to handle extensive wear and tear and still last for years.

At our Coatesville Kia Parts Department, you’ll find an array of high-quality OEM parts for all your DIY maintenance and repairs. Need help finding a specific part? Just let us know what you’re looking to do, and our team of Kia parts experts can point you to the appropriate component. If the part you need isn’t in stock, don’t worry! We can place an order for you, and we’ll have it to you in no time!

Accessorize Your Kia

In addition to the fundamental parts that make up your vehicle, our parts department offers an array of accessories to further kit-out your car. Some of these include roof racks, floor mats, splash guards, cargo nets, paint touch-up pens, and more that’ll make your vehicle even more versatile and high-performing.

Best of all, we’re proud to offer a variety of accessories and parts specials and deals. That way, you can get the parts and accessories you need for your Kia at fantastic prices that won’t break the bank.

How to Order OEM Kia Parts

Jim Sipala’s Kia of Coatesville can give you all the high-quality OEM parts and accessories that you need to customize your Kia or to perform your own maintenance and repairs.

If you’re in the market for quality automotive parts, contact us or visit our dealership to speak with a member of our team. You can also order parts online by filling out our Kia parts order form. Soon, your Kia will be hitting the roads of Coatesville, Downingtown, Gap, Lancaster, Reading, and Newark in like-new condition.


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