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Kia Trim Level Comparison

Kia offers a wide variety of models to suit a variety of automotive needs, whether you’re looking for a sedan, a crossover or something else entirely. However, choosing the right Kia for your needs is just the beginning. Each vehicle is designed to be versatile, which is why they come in many different versions of trim levels.

When you find the right trim level, you can customize your vehicle even more to fit your specific needs, whether you’re focused on performance or luxury. Take a look at this page to find comprehensive Kia trim level comparisons that highlight the most important features each version has to offer.

2018 Kia Forte Trim Levels
2018 Kia Sedona Trim Levels

Importance of Trim Levels

Choosing the right trim level makes your vehicle that much more special. Not only have you sorted through the various models, but you’ve picked the features that work best for you within your favorite model. For example, the standard Sorento comes with a 4-cylinder engine, but you can opt for a higher trim that features a powerful V6 engine standard.

Luxury and technology also play an important role in trim levels. If you want all the latest advanced tech in your vehicle, you’ll have to upgrade to a higher trim level. Leather seats don’t come standard in most base models either, but higher trim levels typically feature them as the only option. The best part is that this enhanced tech and luxury often come packaged together.

Our Trim Level Comparisons

We want you to be an informed car buyer, but we also know your time is precious. That’s why we’ve compiled our trim level comparisons to be concise, while still highlighting the important features you care about. All the performance, luxury and technology features of each trim level will be highlighted. If they’re not specified, assume it’s the same as the previous trim, as they never downgrade as you go up in levels.

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Peruse this page to find links to all our comprehensive Kia trim level comparisons. While they act as a great starting point to your research into your favorite trim level, the best way to understand what each can offer is to experience them for yourself.

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